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Gulf of Mexico Buoy Data Aggregation: Purpose and Intent

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Often, buoys surrounding the mainland report weather data to the National Data Buoy Center. I love the data… but the page has a lot to be desired. The page is an attempt to deliver an enormous amount of weather data in the most efficient method they know. However, IMHO, the efficiency is at the sacrifice of usability by the common man, you and me (and a lot of others.)

In developing this page, it is my intent and purpose to manipulate the available data into graphical representations such as maps, charts and graphs that are specific to a user-chosen region.

Additionally, I have this idea that the data can be webbed into an early warning system for those storms that pop-up just off the coast and are often missed by traditional meteorological analysis. The concept is simple — if two or more adjacent buoys exhibit a rapid change in a data point, then an alarm will be raised. The reason two or more buoys are needed is to provide a cross reference as often data will be stale or just plain garbage.

The coding is in my head. I’m working to get it out and through my hands and onto my servers. The referenced page above is the start of a long journey. I pray that it may be a valid enough journey to show worth and others, much better skilled than I, will take the idea and the work and run with it. Feel free to contact me personally using if you have any questions.

All the data is open and free. Provided by the various governments. I’m considering my code the same. I have a neuro-muscular disorder that will eventually rob me of my ability to code. I don’t wish my ideas to die with that ability. I am just jubilant that I have been granted a respite and can do what I’m doing now. I don’t know how long it will last, but I plan on coding as much as I can until I can’t.

Thanks for reading, In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy J” Theriot