False representations of data

It seems that long after the end of updates from NOAA, the map continues to portray the image of the last storm. So be it. This is NOAA not updating their “latest” information to properly show that their are no active storms in their KML file.

I will have to find a programmatic way of detecting old information and then negating the effects on the map.

I’m still working on CWAADS, it is not ready for primetime yet. But, it is close. I wanted to have it ready by June 1st, the start of the Atlantic Season, but was unable due to medical issues, which I hate. I could do so much more with a body that would be compliant to my wishes.

I will just need to come up with a hit list of failures and list it out on the page for those out there that wish to know why I do certain things and ignore others. I’m not really ignoring things. I either can’t do it, am working on it or don’t know of its existence. In any of the cases, feedback from the user/dev would be appreciated.


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