Non-Alarmist, Non-Clickbait

Bruce Katz called out “social-media” weathermen as “click-bait.” In many, many ways I agree with him. It is for that particular reason that I have been building this site, in-between medical issues, for years now. I don’t get into click bait. Nor do I get into the alarmist nature of weather analysist junkies. Click-bait weathermen entice followers with alarmist claims to pull you to their sites so they can present you with a number of advertisements. and my affiliated websites have 0 advertisements. I am personally funded. I don’t even want personal donations. My entire purpose is an attempt to make sense out of what weather and environmental data is readily available from open sources, free to the public and to try out my programming and mathematical skills.

Personally, I’ve lost considerable holdings in a number of different storms throughout my life. While seeing the devastation caused by these storms I also understand the tremendous resources it takes to evacuate and prepare for these storms. Therefore, my calls to action and my analysis tend to be on the conservative side. Living in a fortress of our own building, I don’t generally evacuate. After my experiences in my home in the eye-wall of the strongest storm to ever hit the Louisiana coast, I will likely never leave my home during a storm again. My calls for others to take action are rabidly conservative.

In the end, I attempt to make sense of the data, without imbuing my own desires or passions. I attempt to look at the data emotionless and make statements that are truthful and non-aligned with any will or desire to make money by providing others the opportunity to participate in the scourge of the web, clickbait.

Thanks for reading,
Jay C. “Jazzy J” Theriot

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