Loop Current and 1000 lb Gorillas

The Loop Current, a fueler of monster storms in Gulf, looks a lot like it did in 2005

This is an issue that I have. The media is claiming the “Loop Current” is a 500 lb gorilla that no one talks about. Incidentally, it appears to be behaving a lot like it did in 2005 (Katrina). The reason no one talks about it? You got me. They are the media, they can drive the conversation. But, instead, they call it the 500 lb gorilla that no one talks about. Sounds like the author(s) have an issue with their editor or publisher. Generate the lines and have them published!

My 500 lb gorilla, and why the title is 1000 lb gorillas, is that no one has news subscriptions any more. My home subscribes to 3 different news sources in addition to the video news services provided through the various streaming platforms I have coming into Jay’s Cafe’.

I don’t know how a public can remain informed about anything, including weather anomolies unless they are being informed by legitimate news providers that report on science- or fact-based information. In South Louisana, it is critical for us to stay informed. The mantra of this site is: “Be Wise. Be Safe. Be Informed.” If you are not informed, you are not making a decision. Decisions are being made for you.

Here at Jay’s Cafe’, we make fact-based, science- and mathematical-based decisions. We don’t just parrot what some free network-jockey is telling me to say.

Just my two ticks on the barometer.

Thanks for reading,

Jay C. “Jazzy J” Theriot

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